The Asmi Collection

The Asmi Collection is dedicated to you.

You are what you believe in.

You are what you do to manifest your deepest desires and most exquisite dreams.
As you rise up to overcome circumstance, you transform and embody strength, resiliency and empowerment.

Unleash your highest potential and claim your story.

Your Asmi necklace is your talisman of triumph

A personal amulet, worn to keep you attuned to the brilliant genius that’s uniquely yours, your Asmi necklace invokes the most glorious version of who you are meant to be in the world.

Every necklace is individually handcrafted using master techniques that date back to the royal courts of 16th century India. Natural, hand-cut birthstone gems are set with kundan, purified 24k gold to symbolize your journey to triumph.

Harnessing the ancient insights of numerology, every necklace also features a hand-wrought fine silver disk inscribed with an original enameled flower motif. The number of petals on the flower signify your special life path number.

Discover your life path number and understand its meaning and significance with a personalized Asmi necklace just for you.

Your Life Path Number

Your life path number symbolizes your core talents and strengths and is characterized by distinct attributes. It can be compared to the colors on an artist’s palette: your number determines which colors are on your palette, but how you paint the canvas is up to you.

Master your gifts with focus and intention to create your magnum opus!

Your Necklace and the Meaning of Your Number

According to numerology, there are eleven life path numbers: 1 through 9, 11 and 22, that are derived from your date of birth.

Discover yours by entering your birthdate here:


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  • Asmi Number 1 - The Leader
  • Asmi Number 2 - The Healer
  • Asmi Number 3 - The Artist
  • Asmi Number 4 - The Builder
  • Asmi Number 5 - The Adventurer
  • Asmi Number 6 - The Altruist
  • Asmi Number 7 - The Thinker
  • Asmi Number 8 - The Phoenix
  • Asmi Number 9 - The Dreamer
  • Asmi Number 11 - The Mystic
  • Asmi Number 22 - The Visionary