My Story

Gold becomes kundan only after passing through fire.

Folk Proverb - Rajasthan, India

Over the years, I’ve learned that circumstances don’t determine who you are or who you can become.

Your experiences of struggle and overcoming are catalysts of transformation that offer a choice. You can choose to persevere and open your heart to realize your fullest potential. You can choose to expand beyond your thresholds, change your narrative and empower the divine within you.

A great source of strength and inspiration for me has been this proverb from my ancestral homeland of Rajasthan, India:

Gold becomes kundan only after passing through fire.

Kundan is a unique form of purified 24k gold that’s created by repeatedly firing gold at extreme temperatures till all impurities are burned away. The purified gold is pounded down, burnished into flowing ribbons of kundan and used to set gems into intricately enameled bases.

I design kundan jewelry for anyone who’s passed through fire, to wear as an emblem of triumph.

It was only after passing through many fires of my own that I launched my first collection as a jewelry designer.

When I was 12, I lost my mother and 10 years later, my father too passed away. I spent years being angry, full of regret and walking in a desert of my own fear and doubt. I clung to the belief that my story was a series of events that happened to me.

But, my divine self knew that was not the truth.

The magic of dreaming and the healing spirit of family and friends helped me to understand that your story isn’t told by what happens to you. Your story is crafted by the gift of choice. In every moment, you have a choice to act instead of react. With every choice, you manifest yourself anew. You build up and breakdown, like the sacred dance of Shiva, revealing your own strength, beauty and grace.

I’ve learned that triumph is a practice that’s nurtured through a discipline of persistence and relentlessly pushing forward.

My work today is a tribute to my heritage, to perseverance and to the spirit of triumph in you.