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Moon Phase Earrings

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Waxing and Waning Moons...

The phases of the moon to a Full Moon (just after the New Moon) are known as Shukla Paksh in Vedic astrology. During this time energy builds up to burst forth, like the flower petals forming the crescent.

The phases of the moon as you move to a New Moon, is known as Krishna Paksh in Vedic astrology. This is the time when energy gathers inward to refuel and regenerate, symbolized by the hand enameled flower on the inside circle of the crescent moon. This is the time to fill your cup to expand. 


Craftsmanship & Materials: These type of asymmetrical earrings that must be designed a specific way are known as "sawaal-jawaab" style earrings which means "question and answer." The pieces speak to each other to form a conversation that is incomplete without the other.

This is like the Krishna Paksh and Shukla Paksh phases of the moon. Both cycles are necessary and you move through them and respond to their energies to craft a story that is uniquely yours.

I collaborated with very talented and adventurous artisans to bring this idea to life. A skilled and adventurous artisan carved out the design by hand which must be done very precisely to make sure the earrings sit the correctly, and a master enameler who used his skill and magic to create such a superb hue of blue.

Materials: Handcrafted with fine silver and hot enamel, that is fired and then ground down. A master enameler has decades of experience which allows him to understand at what temperatures he must fire to get the best color.

Size: 15mm diameter

Packaging: Arrives with inspiration card and care instructions, packaged and ready to unwrap!

Shipping: These earrings are available for for pre-order and will ship out on or about February 20th.