Limited Editions

Inspired by the meeting of fine and folk, old and new, and the everyday and divine, every piece is imbued with meaning and tells a story. These collections exemplify the meticulous craftsmanship of kundan jewelry.

Kundan, a unique form of purified 24k gold, is used to handcraft jewels using 16th century techniques from the royal courts of Rajasthan, India.

These collectible jewels are available as made-to-order during limited time events only.

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Sankalpa is determined resolve, mindful intention and aligned desire. It’s a commitment, an affirmation, a discipline of the mind.
It is surrender.

Fine silver, blooming lotus enamel motif, rose cut diamond set with kundan, purified 24k gold.

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Bodhi Leaf

Siddharta Gautama resolved to understand the true nature of the universe and sat down to meditate under the protection of the Indian pipal tree. He arose only after realizing his own wisdom and became Buddha, the awakened one.

Bodhi means wisdom in Sanskrit. In honor of his enlightenment, the pipal tree came to be known as the Bodhi Tree.

Handcrafted with carved prehnite and pure 24k kundan.

Red Lotus Petal

A symbol of loving kindness and compassion, the red lotus is associated with Avalokiteshvara, the Boddhisattva of Compassion. In Buddhist mythology, Boddhisattvas are celestial beings that forsake nirvana to help ease human suffering and guide others on the path towards enlightenment.

Handcrafted with rose cut garnet and diamond set in pure 24k kundan.


The late American artist, Mark Rothko, evoked the power of color in his signature color block canvases to explore the breadth of human emotion.

Earrings handcrafted in tourmaline and carnelian framed in pure 24k kundan.

My work is a tribute to my heritage, to perseverance and to contributing to an ethos of triumph.

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