I collaborate with master artisans from my ancestral homeland of Rajasthan, India to design handcrafted jewels that are meant to be worn as inspiring talismans.

My designs invoke ancient, archetypal symbols that speak to where you come from and allow you to imagine who you can become.

My work as a designer is a way for me to be connected to my roots and forge relationships that overcome boundaries of difference. As an entrepreneur, my mission is to use commerce as a platform to exchange ideas, nourish and uplift communities, and celebrate, inspire and share stories of transformation and triumph.


Every collection is crafted by hand using techniques that date back to the royal courts of 16th century Rajasthan, India. These techniques have been cherished and preserved over generations by master craftsmen who pass down their knowledge in an ancient tradition of apprenticeship.

I’m honored to offer a contemporary perspective to an age-old craft and to share this art form with people from all over the world.


Patience, skill and a deep love of the craft are the prerequisites of creating these jewels.

Every piece is crafted slow, by hand, one-at-a-time. Every aspect of each jewel is hand-crafted: gem-cutting, forging forms with precious metals, enameling and lastly, setting gems with kundan, a unique form of purified 24k gold.

It requires 6-8 weeks and the expertise of four different artisans, each the master of a particular skill, to complete a single piece.


After spending years studying these techniques alongside generational craftsmen and jewelers, I produced my first collection in collaboration with a team of adventurous artisans from my ancestral homeland of Rajasthan, India.

I’m proud to be working with the same team of artisans that I began my journey with years ago.

Your support and patronage allows me to continue sharing this art form in a meaningful way.