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Asmi Number 8 - THE PHOENIX ››

  • Asmi Number 8 necklace shown with citrine-kundan drop. Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November.

Asmi Number 8 - THE PHOENIX

You are driven, ambitious and have a strong desire to realize your vision. Persistence, resilience and your incredible capacity to rise up and reinvent yourself will help you overcome obstacles, seize opportunities and manifest incredible success and wealth. Practice gratitude to nurture equanimity and be mindful that your greatest treasure and strength is the your relationships.

The eight-petaled flower signifies the life path number 8.


Craftsmanship & Materials: Each necklace is individually handcrafted using time-honored 16th century techniques and is rendered in fine silver, enamel and a natural gemstone set with kundan, purified 24k gold. Every purchase directly supports a community of generational artisans and contributes to the preservation of a legacy of traditional craftsmanship.

Size Disc: 15mm or slightly over 1/2 inch diameter | Gem drop: 7mm or about 1/4 inch | Sterling Silver Chain: 18 inches

Shipping & Packaging: Your handcrafted necklace is shipped boxed, beautifully packaged, and includes inspirational inserts that explain the meaning of your number, care instructions and craftsmanship information.

Domestic orders are shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail. All orders are are shipped 1-2 business days after you place your order.

  • Unique and simply beautiful! I love that my necklace is personalized for me and appreciate all the thought and love infused into each piece.
    -Ariela R.
  • The Asmi necklace has so much meaning because the number is connected to your beingness, who you are, your basic nature. So when you wear the necklace, it feels like a part of you. Sometimes I treat the necklace like my lucky charm. I wear it often and because it has so much meaning to me, I think it's an ideal gift to friends and family.
    -Chili Dodwell
  • Handcrafted with love. My Asmi necklace is by far my favorite necklace to wear.
    -Vivi D.
  • Elegant, delicate and easy to wear, my Asmi necklace always get a compliment since it is like nothing else out there. The symbolic meaning derived from your birthdate and other attributes makes the it something I cherish.
    - Ginni S.
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