Sankalpa Bracelet - Limited Edition

Sankalpa is determined resolve, mindful intention and aligned desire. It’s a commitment, an affirmation, a discipline of the mind.

It is surrender.

sankalpa bracelet

Sankalpa is determined resolve, mindful intention and aligned desire. It’s a commitment, an affirmation, a discipline of the mind.

It is surrender.

I designed this bracelet with much thought, love and care. It’s meant to be worn as a talisman to invoke and manifest your sankalpa.



When you set a sankalpa, you send out powerful vibrations into the cosmos to create a shift. Your sankalpa allows you to let go of and dissolve old, constricting habit patterns of the mind.

It allows you to foster alignment in your thoughts, words and actions to manifest your deepest, most authentic desires.

BIJA: The Seed of Your Sankalpa

The rose cut diamond at the center of the lotus represents the bija or seed of the sankalpa that you plant deep in your heart.

I use natural, ethically sourced diamonds. They are extremely hard and stable naturally occurring gemstones and I use them as a symbol of the strength and resolve of your determination.

TAPASYA: Invoking Your Sankalpa from Your Own Wisdom

The kundan or purified gold represents your tapasya and purified spirit.

Tapasya is the process you undergo, your passing through fire, that allows you to discover your own wisdom and foster a compassionate worldview. Your tapasya is what has created the space for you to be exactly where you are at this moment and to create a sankalpa from a pure, peaceful and generous place.


PADMA: The Blooming Lotus as Manifestation

The enameled blooming lotus symbolizes the powerful manifestation of your sankalpa.

As your sankalpa takes root, you will begin to feel it’s vibrations. First, in subtle and gentle ways. Maybe it’s something little that you would otherwise tell yourself is a coincidence. But, you know that’s the power of your sankalpa slowly begin to bloom.

Then as your resolve grows deeper, as you let go and surrender to the universe, the vibrations of your sankalpa will grow stronger and you will begin to experience it’s power in louder and more obvious ways. You will see it blossom and manifest into your life. You’ll feel a part of the cosmic flow and the transformation in your heart will reach outwards and radiate positive change in the world at large.

MASCULINE & FEMININE: The Divine Principles Within You

The metals I used for this bracelet are fine silver and kundan, purified gold.

Silver corresponds to the moon, the right brain and left or feminine side of the body. Gold corresponds to the sun, the left brain and right or masculine side of the body.

It is the union of the feminine and masculine principle that creates the cosmos. Your sankalpa manifests through the balance and power of these principles within you.


Wear your sankalpa bracelet to remind you of your determined resolve, your strength and your divine power. Wear it to manifest your deepest desires and with that process, become an agent of positive change in the world.