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The Asmi Collection

Personal talismans to unleash your highest self and ignite your story of triumph.

Asmi is Sanskrit for I Am.

These words are a powerful mantra. They are imbued with magic and carry the power to manifest whoever you claim to be. When you mindfully cast your thoughts, words and deeds with reverence and purpose, you carve out a life and legacy dedicated to an ethos of triumph.

Your Asmi necklace is a personal talisman to remind you of your highest Self.

Be the most magnificent You, you can imagine. Choose what lifts you higher. Speak to what empowers you. Live your story of triumph, with every thought, word and deed.

Discover Your Number and Asmi Necklace Now

Your Asmi necklace is personalized for you according to your life path number and birthstone.

In numerology, your life path number is the cornerstone of your potential and represents the unique gifts and challenges that you face.

Like an artist and her palette, your number determines the colors on your palette, but it’s up to you to master your gifts & unleash your masterpiece.

There are eleven different life path numbers: 1-9, 11, 22. Each number carries a unique meaning and significance.

Your number is symbolized by the enameled flower on the fine silver disc; the number of petals on the flower represents your number.

Your birthstone gem drop is set in kundan, a special form of purified 24k gold. I use kundan in my jewelry as a symbol of the enduring spirit of triumph in you.